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Just Act NaturalJust Act Natural

Just Act Natural, which opened on Earth Day -- April 22, 2009 -- has seen a tremendous response by the community, and we thank every one of our customers. Our Earth Day opening went way beyond our expectations.

Van Damaged Goods

I have both crochet goods and paintings to sell. Many of my hats are made with organic materials, some of the yarn is also purchased from the local business called Iris Fine Yarns located on Wisconsin ave.

Roots of Healing

My products are handmade, organic aromatherapy products with each ingredient coming from small sustainable farms around the world which focus on being earth friendly in their production. I make itch sticks, lip balms, salt scrubs, lotions, diaper rash ointment, healing ointment, perfumes, foaming shaving soap, hand soap, shower gel, products for pain and inflammation, depression, anxiety, etc. I also have Isotonix supplements which has an approach of healing by starting with what the body may be missing in basic nutrients and building blocks using a patented delivery system. I would have wellness kits and individual items for sale.


Safe and proven weight management program.


VegieFresh is a 100% Natural Mineral Mix, Ethylene Gas Absorber extending the life of Fruit & Vegetables in the refrigerator: With the Average Family of 4 throwing out approximately $2,275 of food waste per year: VegieFresh equals: Produce lasting Longer – Saving Money - Eating Healthier Produce – Keeping waste out of the local landfills – Zero Carbon Footprint, all Natural, 100% recyclable – Great for the Environment. All for about 10 cents per day! NO Downside!!! Saving Money – Eating Healthier – Saving the Environment. 100% produced in the USA. Lasts for 90 Days. As we grow our company we continue to look for spokespersons, retailers and advocates who exemplify Healthy Living, Sustainable Lifestyles. Please try our VegieFresh and experience what our Commercial clients have been experiencing for over 5 years now . . . fresher, healthier, longer lasting produce! I live in Neenah and could get samples sent to you ASAP. Send me an address you would like them sent. I would send enough for you to share with family, friends and neighbors to use. It is an awesome product. Would enjoy talking with you more about it.

Home Made Hoops By Kristen

Home made hoops by Kristen, are hula hoops that are made by things you can find around many house holds. They provide lots of fun and entertainment along with cardio work out. These are make for Adults. Kids and anyone in-between.

Green Sky Energetics

GreenSky is a design/build contractor of solar energy systems for both residential and commerical applications. We feature: Solar PV (electricity), Solar domestic water heaters, Solar space heating, and Solar pool heating.

The Wellness Way Appleton

Holistic Health care/ Functional Medicine/Chiropractic We believe that it takes a team to change the community. The more people pushing for change the sooner people will realize that they are in control of their health and the future of our planet.

Pink Quartz Minerals

7 Mineral Ingredient Hand crafted vegan mineral cosmetics, no chemicals. Vegan lip balm and lipstick balm Vegan perfume Handmade soaps Handmade magnets Recyled/upcycled handmade bracelet cuffs Soy candles.

Aayus Holistic Health Services

I am a certified holistic health counselor, teaching people how to make food & lifestyle changes that will help them to reach health goals.

Rose Instruments

I hand build guitars, banjos, ukes, mandolins, thumb pianos, and more out of used cigar boxes, gourds, goat skins and maple boards, much as my family in Virginia were doing 150 years ago. One of your musicians in fact, Chris Aaron, has been performing with one of my cigar box 6-Strings for the last couple years, and you'll definitely get a chance to hear it in action at Big Green. Of course, he'll also be playing a "traditional" guitar I built for him as well, and for that matter, every one of his other guitars is loaded with pickups I hand wound for him.

Statement: Under the name “Guitar 911” Bruce Lee Rose has been building and repairing stringed instruments of all kinds for more than 30 years. Now retired, Bruce continues to build a limited number of traditional instruments, but in recent years has turned increasingly to the making of cigar box instruments. A quintessentially American art form, cigar box fiddles, mandolins, banjos, and especially, guitars, have been around for nearly two hundred years, appearing shortly after the introduction of the modern wooden cigar box in the 1830s. Bruce’s gggrandfather, Robin Rose, carried a cigar box fiddle with him while fighting for the Union during the Civil War, and his ggrandfather, William Tecumseh Sherman Rose, brought a cigar box guitar with him when he moved (along with his cousin Stonewall Jackson Powers) from Wise County, Virginia to Camden-on-Gauley, WV in 1895. Bruce continues to build his cigar box instruments by hand, much as his forebears did, starting with a used wooden cigar box, a maple board and some strings. But while continuing to pay homage to his Appalachian forebears, Bruce has also incorporated the tools and techniques acquired over a lifetime’s work as a modern luthier, introducng improvements he is confident his relatives would have appreciated like geared tuners, modern fretwire and even electronics, as well as more subtle internal changes that give his instruments more acoustic volume and tone. While mindful of the history and traditions of his craft, Bruce is nonetheless continually looking for ways to improve upon the performance and playability of his instruments, for just as was true of those built by his relatives so long ago, these are works of art meant to be put to work.

Renewed Spirit Creations

Handmade clothing made from hemp, eco friendly, recycled, organic, or fair trade fabrics. Nuno and wet felt goods made from cruelty free alpaca roving, Upcycled goods, soy candles, handmade soaps and jewelry.